Our Expresso

Making you the perfect cup of coffee doesn't happen. It's a journey that starts about 4,900 feet, where we source the highest quality Arabica beans, continuous through our unique roasting process, and it finishes the last 10 feet This is where our baristas use the finest ingredients and bespoke tools to make your drink exactly the way you want. Because the perfect cup is only perfect if you say it is.

The Ingredients

The perfect espresso drink always starts with the highest-quality Arabica beans perfectly roasted to our specifications. Since we developed our Espresso Roast more than 30 years ago, we’ve continued to perfect the roasting and blending to ensure this darker roast delivers a caramelly sweetness, soft acidity, and depth. To keep that flavor, we freshly grind beans for each shot.

And our espresso beans are always ethically sourced and 100% Fairtrade. So they don’t just taste good – they do good too.

But espresso beans are just the beginning. A good espresso beverage needs good milk. It takes skill and time to steam milk into a velvety foam of tiny bubbles. It’s this microfoam that tastes sweetest and creamiest.

The barista’s challenge is to blend the steamed milk with espresso in less than 10 seconds. After that, the rich foam layer on top of a freshly poured espresso begins to break down and the flavor changes. So a barista must have perfect timing to make your cup perfect.

The Best Equipment

To craft the perfect cup, our baristas need the best equipment. None is more important than our custom-designed espresso machines. With unerring accuracy, they grind and pour shots to the precise time required for the peak flavor. This allows our baristas to concentrate on crafting your drink exactly the way you like it.

We’ve also launched new innovative milk pitchers, specially designed by us. It helps our baristas turn cold milk into sweet, creamy steamed milk with the thick, velvety foam that just tastes best.

Who Makes It

It’s the passion and dedication of our extensively trained baristas that determines whether your coffee is just good, or if it is perfect. It’s a sentiment instilled from the very beginning of their training under the mantra “the last 10 feet is in our hands.” This reminds us that no matter how good our beans, how dark the roast, or how great the tools, it’s up to us to make sure your cup is made just the way you like it. And please don’t be shy, just let us know if it’s not and we’ll make it again for you.

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